Don’t sleep with the TV on it’s unhealthy!


No sound = thoughts.


A Wee Tree

A wee tree…

Artists! Get it!

Here’s something I’m noticing now I’ve been sharing for wee while, I think it’s amazing there’s so many artists on here actually successful in their work, (successful to me being someone wanting your work in their house or wanting to buy a piece from you, it’s not money I’m referring to) I’m seeing shops and links to people’s stuff… I think that’s so ffffffffucking cool.

I came here to hopefully get a little bit of my art back. I let it go with the rest of my life, I hated that I did that, I’ve always loved art and I did want to do something with that and never had the confidence or whatever to do anything with it.

Being here, I had no idea that so many people are successful in the way I wished I always was, I say things never for sympathy or anything like that, it’s just a perception of what I’ve seen here and I think it’s incredible. I wish I had a better word for how I feel without swearing, it’s how I super emote…. ITS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!


Feeling a bit anxious?! Yeah…. Me too.

For nothing! I’m only sitting on my butt, so I started a wee drawing and I think my anxeity came out in it. It made me calm though.

ART! Yes….Yes? Yes!

Black hole….

Sometimes I do these with all intentions of maybe someone seeing what I see in them.

It’s not a doughnut. Damnit it looks like a doughnut!

I dunno

Sometimes I have no idea…

I’d love to say just what I do to get to where I draw my erm…. ideas if anyone has the same “this is annoying as hell” problems….

I do have a wee graphics tablet, but… No computer to pressure sensitive the tablet anymore, so, I have a wee Chromebook and my phone that has the Autodesk sketchbook app and I can set the sensitivity or is it opacity? (whatever it’s called) brush to super low and scrub the same line over and over to get the blending I want.

I’m mostly on my phone and a cool wee stylus because the Chromebook… Sucks… it’s my way, i like it, if I went back to having the pressure sensitivity I think I’d probably have a panic attack now.

Anyway! Tons of scrubbing and layers. I hope I’m not the only one…


Hey again! Since my last post was a…. door, I’m still messing with my phone app. I think it’s always going to be creepy.

It’s nice to find out what I draw like and my style, even if it’s not my best. This pushes me to keep drawing and not give up just because “what’s the point”.

I also wanted to thank anyone who checks my stuff out. It really means so much to me.