Another nightmare! I try my best to keep my eyes open and write them down so I can catch the idea. I knew exactly where this door led, I hope I caught that here.


The night!

This thing up here, was actually because of sleep paralysis… If you’ve ever experienced this and got up with chest pains I’m sure you’d relate.

I’ve figured myself out!

Ive figured myself out! I wanted somewhere to post my art and drawings that I’ve been been doing for years, everything normally ends up in the bin because I’m too embarrassed to show anyone in real life, but I figured out that my blog is this! My life in my head is my drawing! What I’ll do now is what I’ll post here and hopefully something will be good enough to keep. If you do come across something here, thank you for taking the time to have a wee look 🙂

So you get the UFO is cartoonish, and the rest is a pretty self explanatory blob into how I think, and from this silly thing I got these, which I actually really like:

I have a great app on my phone just now for drawing and painting… I know this is pretty poor… I got excited about my new blog idea.

I feel I should post something of decent quality that I have done so I can at least redeem myself from that thing above, this is something I drew for my mums birthday, it’s about the only thing saved from the bin because she framed it:

So there’s some stuff. I’m really looking forward to starting this blog actually.